Streamline your workflows with Pllenty – embed payments where you need them most.


Do you need a mobile payments solution? Are you focused on accounts receivable management? Are you collecting donations or fundraising but not doing it in a way the connects to your mission or brand? Talk to us about embedding digital payments where you need them and staying consistent with your brand.


Pllenty is used today by corporate and enterprise clients looking to streamline their Accounts Receivable Management and enhance their credit and collections integration and reporting. Our clients include Yamaha Music, Yamaha Motors, and multiple publicly traded companies.

Charity / Not-for-profit (NFP):

Pllenty gives you access to Canadian Visa/MC charity rates. Our mobile and hosted workflows include both fundraising solutions (e.g., donations, events, peer-to-peer) and payments pages (e.g., facility rentals, food services). Leverage your branded mobile app with QR codes, text-to-give and/or NFC chips. Pllenty works with clients to integrate front-end workflow into CRMs and accounting platforms. Whether you have a cloud or payment processing issue, Pllenty is a one-stop shop for support.


Educational institutions can benefit from Pllenty’s tuition, donation, application, alumni, bus, and meal plan solutions. We understand the unique needs of schools and universities and have designed tools to meet those needs. Today, Luther College successfully manage their tuition fees, donations, bus and meal plans using the Pllenty platform. Teachers can also manage payments for class activities.


Pllenty can embed payments for governments and municipalities looking to streamline their bill payments. Our platform offers options for paying parking tickets, utility bills, and more. These embedded bill payment workflows can be integrated with both CRMs and accounting platforms.


Maybe you are a start-up with your own development team and your own payment workflows in mind? Inquire about our API and our ability to be a one-stop-shop for development and support

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