Salesforce Payments & Donations

For nonprofits and charities that want greater control over managing online donation and payment transactions, Pllenty offers a platform that delivers full and native control in Salesforce. 

As a PCI Compliant service provider, Pllenty provides a robust payment/donation management solution that allows you to create and connect forms on the front-end while customizing receipting and acknowledgements on the back-end.   

Pllenty and Salesforce:

Streamline the donations process and quickly build embeddable forms. Easiy enter and update card information.

Radically reduce duplication and customize recurring/monthly payment schedules.

Get real-time transaction reports with daily bank reconciliation. Manage one-time and batch tax receipting

Streamline Donations with Pllenty Donation Wizard

Our donation wizard enables easy and efficient card (credit, debit, prepaid) and cheque entry. Easily manage expired cards along with partial and full refunds. We can also manage real-time  batch tax receipting.

Build Embeddable Forms inside Salesforce

Build and launch forms directly from Salesforce. Add steps, custom questions and put them in the order you need, and do it as many times as you like.  Or, take your javascript and drop it your custom campaign page. 

Customize Exact and Fuzzy Matching Rules for Your Org

Stop the data duplication pain. Use our unique matching algorithm to massively improve matching accuracy between new donations and existing donor records.

Update and Manage Monthly Recurring Schedules

Update recurring schedules instead of canceling and re-entering. Enjoy distinct custom workflows for Salesforce Payments & Opportunities and/or the Salesforce Enhanced recurring module.  

Daily Variance Reports Make Sure You Are Always In-Synch

Our monitoring capability provides daily reconciliation between Pllenty and Salesforce, including current  and upcoming recurring transactions. We also provide daily reconciliation for your bank funding.

Robust Receipting and Acknowledgement Capabilities

See Pllenty tax/receipting page for more information on all the capabalities. Set this up as a standalone solution if necessary.

Manage Voids and Refunds


Voiding and reissuing is simple and can be executed through a button on our Pllenty Receipting components, or through an automated Salesforce flow.

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