Canadian Tax Receipting for


For registered charities that want to issue tax receipts, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) clearly defines the rules and requirements for the issuance of those receipts under various circumstances and gift types. 

Pllenty has a tax receipting solution that is native to Salesforce and addresses all CRA requirements. It is being actively used today by clients with Salesforce NPSP and is ready for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. 

Pllenty and Salesforce:

Pllenty is a PCI Compliant payment service provider delivering charity card rates to registered nonprofits.

Pllenty form builder, payments, card management, and receipting components are all native to Salesforce.

Pllenty receipting covers all essential CRA requirements and can be implemented separately from payments…

Receipt Templates & Acknowledgements

With Pllenty Receipting, organizations can upload word document directly to Salesforce to be used as Pllenty Receipt Templates for acknowledgements as well as official tax receipts.

Field Merges & Conditional Content

Pllenty Receipting supports the use of “merge fields” which will take data directly from Opportunities and other related objects for use in the receipts. We also support the use of conditionally redendered content within your templates. Based on your data, conditions can be created to hide and show information.

Receipt Assignment Rules

Receipt template assignment can be done automatically based on specified custom criteria by using information pulled from Oppportunities and related objects (such as contacts, accounts, campaigns, etc).

Simple to Generate

Batches or receipts can be generated simply through our Receipt Batching component, visible on your organization’s homepage, which allows you to create receipts based on shared criteria. Receipt batches can also be created through the Opportunity, Account, and Contact list pages. You can select the Opportunities, Contacts, or Accounts you wish to be receipted (within your customer list views) to create Pllenty Receipt batches (which you securely email or print). 

Receipt Numbering 

Pllenty Receipt numbering can be defined to match and fit in to your current numbering system. Multiple unique numbering sequences can be used, all of which meet CRA requirements.

Receipt Delivery Options

Receipts can be delivered via email, printed individually or as a larger batch. The delivery method is controlled by you and can be set based on values at either the Account, Contact, and/or Opportunity level, or as a part of the Pllenty Receipt Batch creation. An entire Pllenty Receipt Batch can also be turned into a single PDF for print or email delivery. 

Receipt Voiding & Reissuing


Voiding and reissuing is simple and can be executed through a button on our Pllenty Receipting components, or through an automated Salesforce flow.

Full Compliance, Flexibility, and Efficiency

Pllenty Receipting for Canadian Charities and Nonprofits meets all criteria for the Canadian Revenue Agency, provides full customization of the templates, the issuing criteria, and the schedule, and automates the task of generating, emailing and/or batch printing receipts.

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